First Idea

First Idea is a strategic advisory boutique with headquarters in London, and offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Riyadh, and Cannes.

Founded in 2008, First Idea is an advisory boutique that specializes in assisting governments, institutions, companies, and non-profit organizations in designing their action plans and strategic thinking in the context of their economic and social transformations. First Idea brings its clients’ vision to life by turning groundbreaking ideas into a tangible reality. From ideation and project development to tactical implementation, it delivers original, impactful strategies that foster change, encourage growth and contribute to the global economy through diverse sectors.

First Idea operates through two main business verticals:

  1. Soft Power, Communications, and Influence: Enhancing reputations and extending influence through strategic communication and relationship-building.
  2. Investment: Identifying and nurturing investment opportunities to fuel sustainable growth and development.

These verticals are applied across a wide range of fields, including hospitality, real estate and development, tourism, sports, new technologies, media and entertainment, and education.